Digitized Oil On Canvas

Digitized Oil On Canvas  

Soft toned brush technique back and chest with and white background

Oil On Canvas 

Flat color  single head to torso

Digitized Oil On Canvas

Soft facial technique against hard lined counters of back and chest with and white background

Oil Pastel 

Soft pastel single head portrait with hands

Digitized Oil On Canvas

Soft tone brush technique
 back and chest with 
and white background

Digitized Oil On Canvas

Soft blended lines , 
faded  colors 
and texture


After acquiring several photographs of the subject, Mark  commences a careful study the subjects unique features including facial expressions, bone contour, skin tone, special characteristic features, personality, coloring and light.

Once the features are studied Mark begins sketching the subject on pad for further study 

As the subject begins to take shape Mark begins to transfer the image from study papers to canvas.

Flat color two head 
full body portrait


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