Native born Marylander, Mark Angelo Askew was exposed to the colorful world of art at the early age of 4.  Mark loved playing in a back yard inlayed with wildflowers lush trees, birds, squirrels, and butterflies.   

In time his family moved to Connecticut where he discovered fascinating life forms in a large pond near his home. Frogs, turtles, tad poles and frequent visits by two mallard ducks his mother called Donald and Daisy were a treasure of natural wonder to this young discoverer.

Marks fondest memory was laying on the grass by a weeping willow tree on a soft breezy afternoon watching cloud formations in the sky.  For him it was a veritable sky show. 

In time Mark was inspired to document his discoveries with pencil and paper. Painting pictures was his way of remembering and celebrating the accomplishments of a greater master creator. 

With encouragement from family and educators Mark entered several contests and exhibits winning awards and scholarships sponsored by the NAACP, Suburban Trust and later his work reached exhibition status in historic Galleries such as the Craig Flinner Gallery of Baltimore, MD. .  

Marks medium of choice are digitally mastered creations. Mark now has over 100 original works of art exhibited in the members gallery.

Mark now works from his home studio in Windsor Hills, MD. 

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